Technology holds a vital role in healthcare as the industry becomes increasingly digital and mobile. Healthcare administrators are always looking for new and innovative ways to secure patient records and prevent fraud through the use of standards such as HIPAA and ISO, while making records more accessible to both patients and their caregivers. The US Federal government already has mandates in place to address healthcare security and privacy concerns, and it is pertinent that the industry develop solutions that meet the demands of these mandates while effectively controlling cost and driving efficiency. Numerous years of research on identity management in the healthcare industry has culminated to one solution: a Patient/Provider ID solution that meets international standards, is secure and reliable, and has the power to hold vital information.

manageID’s Identity Management solution has the ability and supporting technology to manage and provide secure Patient and Provider IDs that exceed industry standards, hold a variety of data, and can be used to administer benefits and manage identities. Its advanced role management capabilities provide an easy to access system to Healthcare providers, Manufacturers, Patients, and Law enforcement users. manageID is configured to read information found on these credentials to ensure positive verification at the time a service is rendered. Identities of all individuals can be verified through use of biographic and/or biometric identifiers. With our solution, duplicated information is eliminated, medical errors are reduced, an audit trail is established, and medical care is vastly improved.

manageID’s secure solution can be used to protect highly sensitive data involved in the nation’s growing Medical Cannabis industry. This solution can be used to legitimize any state’s medical initiative, offering a range of security features to ensure that medication only ends up in the hands of those that hold a legitimate prescription from their doctors. This also keeps the drug out of the hands of those that do not have permission.