Our research has indicated a strong need to standardize, regulate, and secure occupational/professional licenses for the businesses and individuals who are practicing in these fields.  Today, there are over 400 types of professions and businesses that are required to undergo a thorough certification process to get a license to practice in a particular trade.  Our work with many labor organizations and state-level departments has helped us understand the challenges faced by them in their effort to safeguard workers and protect consumers. 

We have demonstrated our commitment to finding a reasonable, affordable, and streamlined solution to meet the requirements of such organizations by building a public/private alliance between manageID and many labor, licensing, and regulation departments across different states. These departments empower residents by protecting the interests of workers and consumers and cultivating a thriving workforce that can meet the demands of a dynamic economy.

Though our understanding of the issues faced, we have developed a specifically customized version of manageID that can simplify and streamline occupational and professional licensing in the U.S.  This cloud based solution is equipped with the ability to issue multiple types of secure licensing credentials through one streamlined solution. It is scalable to meet the needs of any size organization, from local to regional to national deployments. Not only can multiple licensing credentials be created on one platform, users have the option of integrating industry-best biometric recognition technology and standards. It also provides a common platform through which information can be exchanged between many legacy systems and manageID.

Currently deploying a host of similar solutions, manageID is available to also deliver an easy and clear experience to license and permit applicants either as a customer managed model or offered as a service.