State/Local Government Solutions

State and local governments are continuously trying to find ways to meet the demands of their constituents by offering state-of-the-art technology that is inexpensive, promotes efficiency, and ultimately benefits the taxpayer. Thus, it is of utmost value for governments to find products in the market requiring minimal customization and that are offered by an experienced company that can understand state and local government priorities.

manageID offers state and local governments with a cutting edge software and supporting hardware to meet their security and identity management mandates. Our line of products such as manageID Lite, Standard, Enhanced, and Cloud support solutions relating to the customization and distribution of IDs and credentials such as patient IDs, provider IDs, voter registration cards, weapon licenses, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, trade licenses/certificates, professional licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, and construction permits.

We are committed to understanding the needs of state and local authorities, and ultimately your constituents, by implementing an off-the-shelf version of manageID or customizing a simple solution that is affordable, scalable, efficient, and top of the line. We have demonstrated this by having issued over 500,000 credentials for over 248 Counties in the U.S. With this experience as our backbone, we are confident we can help your government implement mandates, policies and best practices that meet the demands of your budget and constituency.