manageID is already protecting airports and air borders in the Americas, as well as joint civil airports and military air bases operated by NATO in war zones.  manageID is proven to be secure, having been certified for and currently operating on classified and hybrid networks.  manageID is also fully operational in the cloud for customer cost sharing and predictable budgeting with continuous upgrades and enhancements (via manageID on Cloud).

Whatever your risk model and compliance needs, manageID’s configurable workflows with multi-step, multi-stakeholder review and approvals process will exceed your expectations. A common framework architecture, stakeholder dashboards, integrated alerts and messaging, and mobile apps for mobile and wearable device support in manageID deliver security, privacy and convenience with comprehensive command-and-control.

Airport Credentials and Privileges

  • Complete lifecycle of employee, contractor, vendor, and aircrew identity records.
  • Identity registration, proo¬fing and vetting including biometrics, background checks and control lists.
  • Con¬figurable, customizable, and sophisticated review and approval processes.
  • Standard and specialty IDs, vehicle placards, and endorsements and privileges.

Traveler Credentials and Privileges

  • Complete lifecycle of travelers’ identity records and attached credentials.
  • Identity registration, proofi¬ng and vetting including biometrics, background checks and control lists.
  • Confi¬gurable, customizable, and sophisticated review and approval processes.
  • Domestic or international trusted traveler program or save traveler preferences for re-use.

Airport Access Control

  • Enforce entry, exit and escort using Guard Desk and pre-integrations with popular access control systems.
  • Supports multi-level security zones including accessing SIDA zones.
  • Staff and crew are recognized and expedited at security, immigration and customs checkpoints.
  • Infraction management including security compliance reports and noti¬fications.

Traveler Security and Border Management

  • Enforce entry, exit and transit using Guard Desk, Credential Control (APC) and self-service Pedestrian or Vehicle eGates (ABC).
  • Check PNR, APIS, SLTD, Interpol, terrorist, and other control lists in real-time or in advance of arrival.
  • Deliver Integrated Border Management and virtual borders with partner agencies and countries.
  • Enforce immigration laws and repatriate offenders.

Airport Data Sharing and Standards

  • Confi¬gurable data sharing with government, contractors, vendors, airlines and other airports.
  • Comply with TSA 1542 including pre-integration with Designated Aviation Channeling (DAC) services.
  • Integrate HR and accounting systems for pre-enrolling, time and attendance, automatic revocation, etc.

Integrated Traveler Experience

  • Extend services to airlines for check-in, bag check, boarding and concierge/loyalty services.
  • Extend services to vendors for point of sale and concierge/loyalty services.
  • Issue and manage derived credentials on mobile phones, tablets and wearable devices.
  • Deliver a fully integrated, secure, end-to-end process.