manageID Verify is a customizable application, available as stand-alone or web-based, capable of detecting any fraudulent activity that occurs during the verification process. It helps in the authentication of a person, identity, or credential to validate whether a person is who he or she claims to be.

manageID Verify attempts to confirm an individual’s identity by comparing a live sample to previously registered samples such as fingerprints or facial images. If a match is found, the related identity is returned. The features and benefits can be customized per requirements to ensure stringent security and verification measures for maintaining proper identification of authorized people including iris, fingerprints, facial recognition, and biographic data matching.

manageID Verify can be used in any location where it is pertinent to ensure someone’s true identity before allowing access to sensitive information or facilities, identifying possible criminals or threats, and to prevent deceitful activity such as theft or fraud.  It is currently deployed in order to:

  • Maintain the safety and security of the Mexican border
  • Speed up the process of travel for migrant workers and travelers at the Mexican border
  • Securing sensitive physical locations and information for NATO facilities