manageID Production generates identity credentials for individuals once their biographic and biometric information has been captured through manageID Enroll. It is also available as a stand-alone software or integrated with manageID Credentialing System components such as Stock Manager to provide quick and easy tracking of consumables such as cards, passport books, certificates, and more.

manageID Production templates can be created or customized in manageID Designer. The application automatically populates the data fields on this template with the information captured in manageID Enroll, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry or verification. A Production operator can also preview a credential before final production, allowing an opportunity to catch and correct any mistakes before committing valuable credential resources. In addition, manageID Production tracks the serial numbers of every credential (including reprints) to ensure that each one is unique.

This product is currently being used by agencies across the world to issue a standard credential to employees or clients including: 

  • State of Georgia’s concealed weapons permits
  • NATO Theatre Access Control name badges
  • Mississippi voter ID cards
  • Temporary worker permits and frequent visitor cards in Mexico