Our manageID Live Scan solution, used to electronically capture fingerprints and palm prints, digitizes these images for use of law enforcement agencies and private facilities and replaces the more traditional method of ink and paper. Live Scan technology has been commonly used for booking criminals, registering sex offenders, civil applications, and for other types of background checks.

manageID Live Scan is a scalable, customizable and configurable solution that not only captures fingerprints and palm prints, but also supports the capture of biographic and demographic data. A typical live scan system includes a workstation (desktop or laptop), fingerprint and palm (optional) scan capture devices, a digital camera and a signature pad.

 Key features of the manageID LiveScan system include:

  • Appendix F, FBI certified to comply with the FBI's Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) Image Quality Specifications (IQS) for two Live Scan devices – CrossMatch, and Suprema. Other Live Scan devices can be added easily.
  • Auto capture features that enable the operator to use both hands to support the fingerprints and palm capture.
  • Automatic quality check to ensure that the quality of the fingerprints and palm images captured meets the quality specifications.
  • Registration of biographic and demographic data using easy to use user interfaces.
  • Generation any type of EBTS transaction supported by Aware NISTPak.
  • WSQ compression for fingerprints.
  • JPEG and JPEG2000 compression for facial images.
  • Login using smart cards, biometrics and/or username-passwords/PIN, and integration with Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Capture of photographs.
  • Capture of digital signatures.
  • Support of barcode scanners to scan 1D and 2D barcodes.
  • Support of CR-80 ID scanners and passport scanners to capture biographic, demographic, and biometric information.