The manageID Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) product provides end-to-end functionality to implement any type of ICAM program. With an integrated IDMS/CMS platform, it can be used to implement, issue, and manage any secure credential for individuals and devices. manageID ICAM’s capabilities include: 

  • Enrollment and registration using a customizable workflow;
  • Background checks and adjudication;
  • Identity management, credential management, and production;
  • Card activation and finalization;
  • Access management including provisioning and deprovisioning;
  • Credential usage for physical and logical access control;
  • Derived credentials to support mobile devices; and
  • Federation and interoperability.

manageID ICAM provides a reusable asset for every application in your enterprise to register accurate and quality data about individuals, ensure uniqueness and eligibility, prevent duplicate and stale data, and authenticate people and privileges for controlled access.

It supports a variety of required technologies and industry leading products that are already pre-integrated; simply configure the pre-integrated capability modules for faster solution implementation. manageID ICAM delivers real-time performance, is operational on classified networks, supports a variety of mobile and wearable devices, and is also operational in the cloud. It supports all standards and publications related to ICAM solutions.

manageID ICAM Solution can be delivered in Lite, Standard, or Enhanced editions with each offering a preconfigured set of capability modules that have varied levels of functionality to meet business requirements for any identity management program. Please contact us to setup a demonstration of the product capabilities and see how it can help meet your ICAM related challenge.