Enroll is an identity capture application used either stand-alone or in conjunction with a version of manageID IDMS to capture biographic and biometric details of an individual for a variety of identity management purposes. Data is stored using industry standards (ANSI/NIST, ISO/IEEE, ICAO, and FBI), ensuring quality of biographic and biometric data.  

Enroll can integrate numerous industry devices such as identity document/card readers, 1D or 2D barcode readers, contact or contactless smart card readers, digital cameras, signature pads, and many more depending on a customer’s specified needs. Biometric and biographic capture and quality checking can be done instantly, ensuring speed, accuracy, and authenticity.  

Enroll can optionally receive data from manageID Pre-Enroll, allowing users to enter preliminary information ahead of time. This reduces data entry time for Enrollment Operators, making the process more efficient and less prone to error. If further approval or background checks are required, data from Enroll can be passed to manageID Adjudicate for further decision making. Once an individual’s biographic and biometric data have been captured, this information can be used in manageID Verify or manageID Production.

manageID Enroll Standard

Enroll Standard is the base form of Enroll, offering support for the following biometrics: Frontal face images, Iris scanning, Flat fingerprinting, Voice recognition, and Signature capture.  In addition, it allows one to automatically import biographical data using a barcode scanner, scan and upload supporting identity documents such as passports or driver’s licenses, and print a receipt for proof of enrollment.

Enroll is built on a Smart Client architecture, which offers the benefits of both web-based and local Windows applications. This ensures flexibility and scalability of the application. The design of Enroll ensures that everything remains vendor and technology neutral. This can reduce scripting effort, and allows a choice of industry devices.

Enroll is a great tool for any organization that needs to securely and efficiently register a group of people such as for driver’s license production, border security, permitting, crime scene investigation, or detainee management.  Enroll is currently being used in various projects across the world including:

  • Automated border control and identity management in a Latin American country to manage its visitors, trusted travelers, and intercept illegal entries
  • State of Georgia’s Weapons Registration System to issue concealed weapons permits
  • NATO Theatre Access Control in Afghanistan for an identity management program
  • Crime scene investigation supporting law enforcement business processes related to establishing root identity and confirming that identity throughout the judicial process for Mexico

manageID Enroll Enhanced

Enroll+ is an enriched version of manageID Enroll. In addition to all the functionality of manageID Enroll, Enroll+ adds the following capabilities:  

  • Capture of additional biometrics:
    • Face (side profiles),
    • Rolled (individual) fingerprints,
    • Palm prints, and
    • Scars, marks, and tattoos.
  • Automatic document authentication via printed security feature analysis and automatic document identification (ADIS).