manageID Designer is a stand-alone identity credential personalization application that enables the user to design multiple unique credential templates for various transactions (such as Photo IDs, Certificates, Licenses, Permits, etc.). Designer can work in conjunction with manageID Credential Production to design and produce documents containing the authorized credentials in the layout.

manageID Designer supports standard stock sizes such as A4, Letter, Legal, CR-80, as well as custom-sized credentials. Designer allows customization of any aspect of the credential, including text size, color and layout, background images, graphic elements and logos, signature and photo fields, and machine-readable elements such as smart chips, magnetic strips, or barcodes. Layout elements can also be layered for increased security against counterfeiting.

The templates created in Designer can be used by manageID Production, where the data is automatically retrieved from the manageID database to fill the credential, saving time and labor cost over re-entering the information manually. In addition, Designer is technology and vendor agnostic, allowing the use of any card or industry printer.