Border Management/Immigration

Border Management has become a critical issue for every country in every part of the globe. The big challenge: how can commerce and tourism be facilitated by processing low risk travelers quickly? How can national security agencies and ministries be sure to identify potential terrorists, illegal immigrants and regular criminals as early in the clearance process as possible?

The answer is Border Management solutions that are collaborative between law enforcement agencies and immigration authorities: both secure and traveler friendly at the same time. A successful solution creates more efficient traveler processing with lower costs and shorter queues; it is secure, using validated biographic and biometric data, with enabled matching and risk management technologies shared between agencies.

manageID is able to create collaborative Border Control solutions quickly and efficiently, using easily customizable web-based templates and specialized components. These templates incorporate best-of-breed identity standards and best practices for Border Control, allowing you to configure and deploy faster than you ever imagined possible — delivering a rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership.

A trusted traveler program for the citizens of Mexico and the US allows expedited entry into Mexico, bypassing long immigration and security lines, thus saving time for these frequent travelers. manageID links existing Passport/ePassport data to each applicant (detecting fraudulent passports). eGates are used to automatically verify the information entered by the travelers and allow them to pass through only if the data entered matches with their biographic and biometric information previously entered at the time of enrollment.