The manageID Credentialing and Access Control solution provides a technologically advanced, single platform solution to meet all credentialing business requirements for airports in a secure, compliant and cost effective manner.  It provides a functional and flexible platform to accommodate ongoing changes and maintain an effective Security Program in either an on-site or in the cloud licensing model.

Key benefits of the manageID solution include:

Reduced Costs:
A predictable subscription-based pricing paid monthly, quarterly or annually that is easier to fit into standard budgets.

Reduce Operational Risk; More Earned Value:
Constant access to the latest software features and functions, and service-level updates, without operationally disruptive upgrades and rollouts experienced with traditional software.

Reduce or Eliminate Support Impacts to Operations:
Bundled support services including assisting users with operating the software, troubleshooting and password resets reducing or eliminating significant disruptive burdens for key airport personnel.

Easier and Faster to Implement; More Flexibility:
A common solution framework that pre-integrates all systems, features and functions.

Improved Management and Monitoring:
Monitoring and reporting on all provided software for any issues, including ensuring proper interaction with hardware and user behavior, leading to earlier detection and resolution of any issues.